HOn30 model railroading

The Ballad of Sam McGresty

mcgrcover.jpg  The sun sat high in the sky as 3 vultures...
Dec 29, 2020

Time for the scenery

scen00.jpg  In order to have scenic stuff like grass, trees and...
Dec 25, 2020

Up and running after three days

3days0.jpg  The weather was coldish with winter waning and I knew...
Dec 03, 2020

Looks like I'm stuck with Peco

aargh.jpg  Frustration is not a kind enough word. Multiple exasperating moments...
Nov 02, 2020

Preconception of an alternative idea

ctex0.jpg  Originally, the concept of my project was to be a...
Oct 17, 2020

An HOn30 Class A Climax locomotive

vbc02.jpg  To move stuff around on any kind of railroad, real...
Oct 10, 2020

Let's do it right this time

rtt1.jpg  It's taken a while, what with sorting some software out...
Oct 01, 2020

I still need something creative to do

creat.jpg  I have to eat some humble pie here. Tossing everything...
Jul 20, 2020

Why I dumped the hobby

dump1.jpg  It was all supposed to be straight forward and should...
Jul 16, 2020

Normally I run a travel blog, but when I'm not on the road I do other stuff to keep from getting bored.
- Ted

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