Pub to bus

The driver of the bus was very helpful as we wound around through various villages. My destination was one which would set me at the beginning of about a 5 mile hike. It was one of those days where the sky was a nice blue with small clouds drifting by and a slight breeze. I had never been to this spot before and planned to end up at a stop where I could catch a bus, which stopped at a station, on the branchline that ran near to where I live.

The village itself was very spread out, but fairly small. Finally the nearest thing to a center was arrived at and the driver reckoned one of two roads would lead me to the trail I wanted. He said to check in the pub just to make sure.
The pub didn't have many people in and they were all visitors to the area, so knew nothing about it. The barmaid didn't have a clue about any trails, so I went out, checked my compass and figured the little lane nearest the inn might be the one. Just as I began to walk, a van towing a wood chopper stopped to turn around. I asked the driver, who knew exactly what I wanted and confirmed I was on the right road, just hang a left onto the trail at the end,
The trail was about 1/2 a mile down this narrow lane.

Once on path the whole trek was mainly like this
Some woodland but nothing spectacular

There was no rush, the day nice and all I did was mainly saunter along quite contentedly. Along the way I ran into a guy who had lived in Turkey and was going back this summer to hike around the coastal area for a while. We had a short chat and then continued on our ways (his direction was opposite of mine).
Notice the cow separated from the herd (safety). It is scared and I needed to respect that. I had already walked through the herd in the background. This one looked at me and took a few steps in my direction. I wagged my forefinger slowly and walked toward her, speaking gently. She stopped, I stopped. Within about 30 seconds she relaxed, began to eat again and ignored me as I carried on my walk. The same thing was done with some cattle on this entry.

In regards to the cows in fields. Some woman has a site, that really slams the bovines, she calls them killers. The idiot walked, with her dog no less, in a field with cows and the cattle took exception to her. It was her own stupid fault! Those cattle belong to that field and it belongs to them, not to walkers with their pathetic canines or to people who do not respect cows with calves. The poor beasts must be totally fed up with silly dog lot—can't say as I blame them.

Back to the trek

There isn't really all that much I can say. The sky clouded over after a while. A couple were walking toward me and we stopped for a little chat. The young woman was from the Stuttgart area of Germany, where some people I know live. Those hills in the background are the North Downs and I kept them on my left the entire way.
Eventually the above trail led to a very narrow gap in a hedge and I was soon on the road at the bus stop and within 2 minutes was aboard one.
Jul 16, 2019

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