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Seeing as I am stuck using a tablet over the foreseeable future, an exercise was begun to forge the way ahead. There are a number of factors involved and some planning has to be done beforehand when using a tablet, much the same as you do if a laptop is used for your articles and image processing, only you have the limitations of touch instead of being able to use a mouse. Then there's the software. Instead of Photoshop, you will have to find a decent App to make your photos look good.
My camera and 8 inch Android tablet

It doesn't matter which camera you use, what's important is: can you download the shots you've taken directly to the tablet, without having to install any extra software? If not, find a decent camera. I use a Leica/Lumix camera with an Android tablet. Getting used to Android is still being done but I'm further ahead than I was 3 years ago.

This is how I do it

It's all a bit ad hoc really.
  1. The blog entry copy
    Sometimes I don't know the name of the entry at first, that often comes as I am taking my photographs. Other times it may be the name of the place and occasionally I change the title and have to rename some files. Notes are kept about the subject, either as a voice recording on my smartphone, hand written or entered in the Memo function on my fone.
  2. The photos
    Not much to say, just take the shots and sort them out later.

Now the fun starts

You've got a basic idea of what you want to say and a whole bunch of photos.
  1. On the tablet create a main folder (the title of the post). Inside it create 3 more folders, similar to below.
  2. In order to download the photos to the tablet I needed a special device (rather than a single cable). It will come in handy for other things as well.
    The one I have is made by Samsung and cost me 10 UKP, there are probably just as good a ones out there for a quarter the price. It has a micro usb plug on one end and a standard USB socket on the other.
    1. You plug the micro one into the tablet.
    2. Your camera cable standard USB plug into the other end.
    3. A few seconds wait and the camera will appear as a USB connection.
    4. Go to DCIM, select your images and copy them to the Fotos folder on the tablet.
    Do not "Move" them, in case Android screws things up (happens—which is why I did not like Android 6.0.1), you could lose your images and you're stuck with nothing.
  3. Don't worry about text for now (unless something amazing enters your mind then note it down somewhere).
  4. I go through every shot several times, then create a new folder and name it "Use". The images which I am going to use are copied and pasted into it, the rest are either zipped up for later or trashed.
  5. Working on your photo's is up to you. I use dev.MacGyver Photo Editor because I found it blew the spots off of everything else I tried. You can find a set of tutorials I wrote here.
  6. The one thing you must not do—is work on a JPG image.

    Open a JPG in MacGyver, the save it as a PNG (name the new file as you want), in the Pngs folder. PNG images are lossless, JPGs lose stuff big time. I do all my JPG to PNGs first, then work on each one until they are all up to spec. In MacGyver, I can set different filters, functions and effects as Presets for reuse and then do any final adjustments afterwards.

    Remember to open the PNG file, NOT the JPG, when you begin preparing the image for publication.
  7. Once my images are finished, I run a Batch Process in MacGyver, putting my watermark on and saving them as JPGs (.jpg), in the Ready folder. That's it, all I do is upload them to the images folder for my blog, ready to use.

Sometmes I use my smartphone and a small flash drive to transfer the images to my tablet.

About the copy

Some text may already be written. On my tablet I use an App named Notepad Free (available in Google Play Store) or you could use the default Memo which is already there. A lot of time is spent writing out my copy. Often I put the name of the image where it is going to be inserted with my online editor. No text is created online (because a lot of places only allow 30 minutes of Wifi). Once I'm satisfied then I do the online work. I copy the entire body of text from Notepad Free and paste into my draft to work on later.

This usually takes extra time, because with the image in place I may alter some of the text. For that, I copy from my draft back into Notepad Free and view the readied images on my tablet as well—offline.

To do this, you need to fool Android Wink

Multiple windows without Multi window

One major problem with Android is the Multi window function, in short, it's crap and I rarely use it. Sometimes I want to see the image as I'm typing out my text. The easiest way to do this is to have both windows available, with one in the background.
  1. To do that with Notepad Free or Memo, simply press the main button at the bottom of the tablet and the window seems to disappear.
  2. Open your Gallery, select the image/images and then press the bottom button. You will have your default screen.
  3. Now tap the Close button (usually on the left of the big button in the middle bottom of your tablet.), you will see both the windows sitting in the background. Whichever one you tap will become active.
  4. So, I'm looking at a foto, an idea comes to mind—I want to type it in.
    • Tap the Close button again.
    • Tap Notepad Free and write it down. Tap the Close button to view another image if you want.
    • Repeat this as needed.
    • I can have a number of windows "open" like this.
    • Close all the windows (X) when done or tap Close All, at the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Works for me...

Once all this is finished (off line and online), then you can set your entry to be published. I very rarely publish immediately, often my posts are done a month or two ahead. This gives me time to re-read it and double or treble check it.
Dec 01, 2019

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