Opposite side of the bench

A large nature reserve is about a mile away from where I live in the outer London area. There are occasions where, during a local trek, I stop and sit for a while. Usually because my legs and back need a rest. The time sitting is not normally very long. When I do stop, I normally face the trail, but one day I turned around and sat on the other side of the bench.
Having never done that before, the view which greeted me was great and I sat there for about 30 minutes, just staring. One day recently, the idea came to photograph the view from the opposite side, away from the trails.
My 'sit and stare' landscape.

The first side switch. You'd think I was way out in the countryside, but this is part of London. As I sat and stared, it was very quiet, virtually silent. The clamor and noise of one of the world's largest cities, absorbed by the lush greenery of the park.
The early morning haze was still present when I took this photo.

The day the above view was photographed, cleared up in the afternoon and I set out to find all the seats to shoot the following images.
By afternoon the sky cleared.

Only one bench has a decent view on both sides. Here is the reverse side foliage.
The trail side.

To the right is a fallen tree trunk. Some of the roots are still in earth and a few leafy sections are present.

Once the photo's were taken I wandered about a bit and chatted to a couple of people who were out and about. One was Fabio, from Lisbon, who had a foot hoisted up into the side of a lakeside viewing platform, doing one legged squats. His back was injured some years ago in Jujutsu so the exercises and light jogging help. Another was a woman with her dog. She was taking a break from working at home (due to the lockdown) and handles pensions etc., for the local London borough she lives in.
The new bench arrived on the 23rd of November. There was one in this spot until about 2 years ago, until vandals wrecked it.

The away from trail view.

I like the park and wish it had some decent hills in. Flat country is fine for the legs but for some of the abdomen muscles, it's not so hot.
Nov 17, 2020

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Mindfulness as well as exercise. Nice walk Ted.
Feb 13, 2021 at 1731

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