London has dandruff

Lately we have seen a lot of cold weather in London. Then there's the snow. Where I live we often get missed, but the white stuff began to fall. Very fine flakes, quite like dandruff. The forecast was heavy snow, trouble is, that kind in the south of London is not what I call it. It was more like a couple of inches at the most.
You can see some of the snow flakes falling with the buildings as background.

The wind was not present, as it has been lately, so there was no chill factor and I figured, why not go for a walk.
At first this was going to be my destination, take a photo and return. I haven't liked snow since I left Alaska in 1966. Southern California was more my kind of climate (like Christmas Day on the beach). Once I crossed the small field, I continued on and walked some ways to a nature reserve.
One of the main sort of trails. A few people were out walking their dogs and that was all.

A smaller trail.

I only covered a few miles and rode the rails back home. Now I just hope this stupid stuff melts off and Spring can arrive.
Feb 11, 2021

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