Let's do it right this time

It's taken a while, what with sorting some software out and a lot of looking around, but I've decided to restart the HOn30 model railroad project and this time I want to do it right. While looking for something on one of my flash drives, I noticed a folder.
Wondering what it was, I opened it and to my utter surprise, found a few images of some model railroad stuff I had done years ago. I'd completely forgotten about them. I do have a lot of 35mm negatives and will see whether or not I can get them processed into LZW Tiff files for Photoshop.
Some 55n3 locomotives

Back in the early 1980's I began modeling 3 foot Colorado style narrow gauge. Using HO guage as the track meant the scale is 1/55th. HO is 3.5mm to the foot, 55n3 is 5.5mm to the foot—1:55th scale is actually 1:55.4, but I can live with that. The above locomotives were heavily modified HO scale kits. All the rolling stock was scratchbuilt. Details from HO, S Scale and 1/4 inch scale could be used, so I had a lot of scope. My ground cover was nearly all natural with a few Woodland Scenics and Carrs ground scatter for leaves and patches of grass.
The top one on the left is 1/32nd scale and the other 1/4 inch scale. Both are based on Climax locomotives. The Class A (on the right) sits on top of an Atlas chassis made by Kato and ran beautifully (if I could find one, I'd build 55n3 again). The larger scales came later just before my creative juices changed direction to graphic design and web development.

Another surprise and rethink

The previous attempt ended up with me dumping the hobby and a while later thought I might do something similar. However, the more I looked at it, the more disheartened it made me and I reckoned it just wasn't worth all the hassle of fighting an entire culture over it. A small mail packet through the door changed that.
A Tomytec TM-21, ideal for an HOn30 Class A Climax chassis.

I was astonished when this arrived (seems to be the season for surprises). I thought the original order had been cancelled 4 months back, but apparently not, the European dealer sent the thing about a month or so ago. I sat on it for some weeks, then finding the old images ignited that little spark which was left inside of me.

A manufacturer outside England makes decent turnouts and flex track for HOn30 and I ordered a switch, it's good. Now, I will only buy direct from them and bypass English dealers. Some items may have to be ordered from the States by a UK dealer for me and that will take time. I could use HOn3 stuff and regauge it, plus some other items, if possible.
This time I'll use black architectural foamboard as a layout base, 9 feet by 17 inches at widest, and construct it differently so it is rigid.

So while it's not, full steam ahead with all cylinders firing, I've begun to move forward. I wonder what other nice, amazing, things are in store?
Oct 01, 2020

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