I still need something creative to do

I have to eat some humble pie here. Tossing everything out for the model railroad was a big mistake, only the Peco stuff needed trashing. Most of the original idea was an exercise in creative scenicking, but I got locked in on the track. So a rethink is needed.
Spending time on scenery is not something you can do quickly. There are other ways to do it and not use 9 feet by 15 inches. Years back I saw an article in Narrow Gauge Gazette where a guy put together a layout in probably a 12 by 10 foot room. He completed everything without the track etc. It was just a sort of U shaped thing with all kinds of trees and ground cover. Once he had finished it, then roadbed and trackwork was added. It actually looked very good, because that is the way it would happen in real life.

Dissapontment becomes determination

I went to the International Model Railway Exhibition (IMREX) in London some years ago. I'd only been there about 5 minutes when I saw a model locomotive in English O Scale. It won first prize because the man who built it, did everything except the electric motor and wires from scratch on a lathe. The craftsmanship was outstanding, however, it was being run on a sort of layout made of bare plywood with a few patches of shiny plastic grass and some horrible pretend trees. I was so disgusted that I walked out of the exhibition.

On the way out I noticed, down a side way, a small layout with what looked like good scenery and went to have a look. About 12 feet away from it I stopped, because a locomotive with a smiley face on front presented itself. I began to turn back, but the scenery was very good and gave the thing a second chance spending some time talking to the owner of the layout. It was the Rev. Awdry himself, the inventor of Thomas the tank engine.

I determined right there that all my scenery would be mainly from natural materials and look as realistic as possible.

Constablizing it

Suppose I approach this concept from another direction. Instead of the entire thing being done, dioramas are made. They would be like vignettes of a painting which, when complete, are finished and mounted in such a way that the section of scenery can be lifted out to put somewhere else. I think most dioramas would be viewed from only one position and a background present with the whole thing enclosed and clear styrene front. Maybe LED's would light the interior or the top could be a translucent plastic cover which would let light in from above.

A theme would be needed so that each diorama would fit into a whole when added. If that whole will ever have track etc, then it would be added later by carving a path through the scenery.
Jul 20, 2020

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