Google and my blog

The basic plans were made. I had bought my ticket, to have in hand ready for the day. My backpack had been packed and repacked until everything was right. All I needed was to wait and go. Then, an email arrived.

Google had taken exception to my blog, because it had to be designed primarily for mobiles. This is my site, not yours, but I reset my stylesheet to percentages anyways and that seemed to make them happy.

I was off to the Basque country and everything else will have to wait. Well, now I'm back (and stuck here for a while). So set about rebuilding my entire blog software.

I must admit, it was a little hard to handle on a smartphone, tablets had no problem at all.

Not knowing much about that side of things, a lot of searches turned into a monster. It grew, with many horns and spewing forth fire of excess code. Not to mention multiple style sheets, blogs and plethora of considered expertise.

The end result would see some great behemoth stomping around the internet and more than likely bring about the end of the world as we know it. The forums were worse and endorsed my dislike of the things.

Keep It Simple—Stupid
The advise offered was huge and nearly all of it did not work, except for one or two. Those two sites (which I cannot remember—hey I visited about a hundred), mention the use of certain meta tags and a line in the CSS stylesheet. I did a page to test and it worked beautifully.
  • I did not create a whole new separate blog.
  • I did not include dozens of lines of CSS for each different mobiles screen widths and height.
  • I did not add hundreds of kilobytes of useless JavaScript libraries.

I program in Perl, because it's safer than PHP, faster than PHP and handles data better. One thing you have in programming are conditionals—"if you do this, that will happen". I put a few of those in the existing code and it works.

The final bits which were added for mobiles to see it right ... and Google loved it.

Many hours to get this far.
Even less code and different CSS could be used,
I just didn't get to that point.

Once everything was running okay, a few tweaks were added. I decided that's it and as long as it works, leave it alone.
For Perl
See this page
It picks up mobiles that I didn't even know existed and seems to do it quite well. There are a range of languages with buttons (PHP etc)—choose the one you want.

Instead of huge amounts of scripting and using over-bloated Perl modules (I rarely use Modules for that reason), I have 2.27k total, plus a few tweaks in my program, that probably amounts to less than 5k all together. I found I can see the Simian Circles site on an ancient Samsung Galaxy Mini (the first one) as well as recent smartphones and tablets (including Apple ones).

I also ran a speed test and am pleased with the results.

Speed test
I did the New York test, from London, server in Houston.
Tested from New York City, New York, USA on November 10 at 18:55:23
Page size
Load time
Perf. grade
Your website is faster than 84% of all tested websites
Tested from New York City, New York, USA on November 10 at 18:56:36
Page size
Load time
Perf. grade
Your website is faster than 99% of all tested websites

I'm faster than Google Big Grin

So all the work I've done has paid off and now I can get on with the more serious stuff. Like where shall I head for next?
Nov 10, 2015

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