Feathers and fur

Walking around a nature reserve, not far from where I live, can get just a little bit boring. The land is mainly flat with a few rises, a bit small to be called hills, a largish lake, some wild ground, woods, wetland and a bunch of trails. Wild life there is mainly feathered, on or off water and a few rats, but I've had a couple of surpises.
A Magpie on a viewing stand.

Feathered wildlife is abundant to the point of ridiculousness here. All kinds of: water fowl, pigeons, crows, kestrels, and magpies coming out your ears, a few pheasants and just about everything else that flies. Just once I'd like to see some fur other than dogs being walked by their owners.
The lake has viewing stands, some are made of wood, others of concrete. It was on a concrete one I saw the rats. People feed the birds here, so a lot of bird seed was scattered around the edge of the stand. These two rats were having such a field day gobbling up as much as possible, that they didn't even notice me. I was able to grab a few photo's of them.

The lake often has Terns in, a kind of seagull. It also is home to a very large Carp. Having lived in the north of the USA I like Bluegill, fresh water Perch and Trout. Carp are not eaten because they taste like mud (so do Catfish)—yuk. I've seen one that was close to 6 feet long, it was huge. The one in the nature reserve's lake must be almost that big, it took a Tern in single bite one day. The bird was just floating along, enjoying itself, when the fish simply came up out of the water and grabbed it whole and went down to digest the thing—too fast to take a photo.
The other day say me rambling around the area and stopping at one of the wooden stands. A woman was photographing something. It turned out to be a Terrapin, so I took a shot of it as well.
Jun 01, 2021

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