Beginning the turn of the year

There was a slight edge to the air as I stepped onto the trail. No specific plan in mind, just a walk for the sake of it all. Across a sort of mown up area stood what looked like a metal box, pale blue, perhaps 4 feet high. I walked over the rough ground cover to take a closer look. A door on one of the sides was partially open and I reckon that at one time it was for an electrical thing in the area and just left to rot when everything else was removed.

From that position, I stood looking at the state of the land. It is late Autumn, with the elongated orbit of the earth about to begin it's sharp turn for the coming winter. Taking out my camera I began taking some fotos of the surrounding area. The coming season is hovering like a malevolent monster, slowly bearing down on unsuspecting victims. Forecasts have said it is going to be a bad winter, perhaps that was what I was sensing and wondering how it could be portrayed.
The normal rains have turned into enemy invaders, relentlessly pounding everything in sight. Some places have had serious flooding, beyond the usual, with more on the way. Ground that is usually firm underfoot is now squishy and unstable. Mudslides have taken place, filling back yards with tons of the grubby stuff. This Autumn is longer than usual, so Spring was too.
The leaves are still on many trees, golden turning to that uncomfortable brown slowly instead of quickly. The frost where I live is late. Weeks of temperatures creeping down the thermometer at a snails pace. You can almost here them snickering, boy, am I ever gonna get you.
Nov 10, 2019

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