An HOn30 Class A Climax locomotive

To move stuff around on any kind of railroad, real or model, requires some sort of locomotive power. There are any number of models available on the market and cost hundreds of dollars but I'm not rich, so have to approach the situation from another angle. The easiest way is to construct one on top of a motorized chassis like I used to. I already have one, but there is another possibility.
Climax locomtives were primarily used on logging railroads, mainly standard gauge (but who's measuring). Once the logging company had the loco they often ended up changing things in situ. There were a number of varieties and the locomotives were very good on rough trackage.
Built right, I figured I should be able to cover up the motorized chassis. The water tank is rectangular, so that's no problem.

I'm tending to favor this type of loco.

Another possibility is a 4 wheel loco as well. The one above was made from scratch in 1/32nd scale, I have a 4 wheel chassis that should work okay for HOn30.
Regardless of which Climax type loco I build, speed is the key. The real ones were 2 speed—slow and slower. My layout concept would mean using the lower speed of 5 mph (approximately) max. So some serious adjustment will be needed, if not an entirely new electric motor with special gearhead to achieve that.

The way ahead

At the moment I'm just stocking up on stuff and getting a baseboard ready. I will not rush the project and have no schedule to stick to, things'll take place when they happen. I will not be posting articles anywhere near as much as I did on the Li'l Lines site and will not resurrect it.
Oct 10, 2020

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