An exercise in rolling stock

I suppose, like a painting, you need to have a basic idea of what you want to create. Winging it is for people who just throw paint at a canvas, they never really know quite what they will end up with and neither do people viewing it. So when determining what my rolling stock will look like, a number of things need to taken into consideration. Some time was spent looking at various mining railroads (current and old). What emerged was all kinds of weird and wonderful locomotives along with similar types of ore cars plus other freight cars. Add that to the multiple gauges used as track (18 inches to 5 feet) and I was spoiled for choice. Some of the very old ones from the 1800's built their own loco's, as I'm doing. The mechanics must have figured if it works, use it.

For rolling, I need wheels

Seeing as the track is for On30, I bought some Parkside Dundas Arch Bar trucks.
That little peg on the right is supposed to hold it together.

It used to be named Ratio, but is now owned by Peco. Ratio 'diamond pattern bogies' used to work. Now Parkside Dundas (in other words Peco) has them, they don't—attaching the trucks to the car is impossible! The little pin should press fit into the hole in the bolster—it does not! The pin is too small or the hole is too big. I couldn't think of anything, so lined the hole with paint and let it dry. I should not have to do that. The wheels are weathered brass ones from Bachmann which fit when top-hat bearings are inserted into the truck frame.

Over the wheels

There won't be a lot of rolling stock, The McGresty Mining Company is kind of a shoestring operation, run by 6 guys and most of the equipment is from leftover stock: adapted and built as needed.

Initially a flat car and a box car. The only "scale" bit is the height of my couplers at 26 scale inches, which is the height of Colorado and Southern couplers, the couplers are a bit on the small side but that's okay. Some items are still on order, such as stirrup steps and brake wheels. Maybe later, if I can get them I will add brake shoes on the trucks. Details will be added as and when they arrive but I may have to scratchbuild some because I can't get them in the UK.
  1. Flat car
    Just a basic flat, nothing special. Aged wood and that's it.
  2. Box car
    Most definitely a caricature. Box car red color, had many different shades on prototype railroads, a red/brown basically—so Burnt Umber works.
  3. To do
    Some gondolas, a caboose that needs to be longer and respresent one with extra seats instead of a bunk bed inside for minor passenger use as well. After that I haven't decided.
Mar 26, 2021

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