An afternoon with the 'lings

Feathers, feathers everywhere and little fur to see. They fly, they poop on you, they sing or squawk and the silly things are all over the place. So much so that I get quite tired of birds. The one time is different, it's spring as newly hatched waterfowl are rampaging over ponds, lakes and rivers with their mothers desperately trying to keep them in order and alive.
I noticed that with Geese, one acts as a rear guard.

In all my years I have never seen a Gosling until now. There were several pairs of Canadian Geese with their offspring. One honked and 3 tiny goslings immediately head towards her, they had heard their mother call them. They all look the same to me and I wouldn't be surprised if the mother goose has a similar problem, expecially when there are several, from different parents, playing together. A quick honk soon sorts that out.
Then there are ducklings. These seem the most vulnerable and it's rare the whole brood survive the predators huntings. They too are sometimes in the feed foray with geese, coots and the rest. The Mallard duck had another 3 little ones getting adventurous a bit further away.
Finally the "Cootlings". Actually they are called nestlings or chicks. I saw a number of mother coots, with their offspring all together in a group. Maybe that's how they protect each other.

Now, please can I find some wildlife that does not have feathers.
May 19, 2018

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