About that hobby

For those wondering where the model railroad posts went, it goes like this. I did too much, too fast and started out at the wrong place—my fault. The hobby is still going, but I won't post about it much. This time I've slowed down and began at a logical point instead of an artistic one.
The lockdown still continues here so I'm not going very far. However, we are allowed a bit further with more time than before to exercise and get out, so I will take advantage of that and slowly, bit by bit, get the basic stuff going on the model railroad.

I learned something, like not buying motorized chassis, for a locomotive, from an English dealer—they either did not run at all or were just plain awful. So two chassis are now being worked on carefully (one at a time) from Japan and somewhere in Europe, both run very smoothly and extremely slow (like a minimum of 1/4 scale mph)—which is what I want. Plus, I will handlay my own track and switches instead of using Peco (which do not work well at all).

Will I re-establish the L'il Lines category? Probably not: but might, maybe, have it as a sub domain.

Update: May 25, 2020
The sub-domain is now up and running here, those who were following it will be added shortly. Posts will not be anywhere near as frequent as they were on the category that was here.
May 23, 2020

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Normally I run a travel blog, but when I'm not on the road I do other stuff to keep from getting bored.
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