A little locomotive

While bits and pieces on order and are supposed to arrive, sometime, I considered a number of small locomotive options and looked around to see what was available to use for motorized chassis and didn't cost a lot. Being twice the size of my dumped HOn30, stuff should be a lot easier (I hope).
There are a number of possibilities which can fit in with the concept of what I'm doing. First of all any motive power must be able to run in either direction, so that eliminated ones with tenders. The chassis has to offer room to be remotored so that it could run at a scale 5-10 mph top speed on my Gaugemaster throttle unit. I refuse to even think about DCC.

The possibilities

These will be long term projects, because most will have to be scratchbuilt from the ground up.
  1. A Class A climax, like the old On30 one I made many years ago. It had a Kato drive unit from an Atlas SW15 or SW25 (I forget which) and ran at extremely slow speeds (like 30-40 seconds between ties). I could not fault the motorized chassis and doubt very seriously if I ever find one again so may not go this route.
    Mar 26, 2021
    I found a small, Bachmann Spectrum, diesel loco which I hope to use the chassis as a base for a small Class A Climax. It will take some time to scratchbuild the superstructure.
  2. A Bachmann 0-4-2 Porter, wasn't too expensive. I wanted a 4 wheel one, but they were over 20 UKP more.
    This actually runs good and very slow, as for the rest of it....

    That Pocahontas (hah) just had to go. There are a number of bits which are crooked and the whistle was broken when it arrived, so it went.
    0-4-0 Porter loco

    The cab was changed from wood to metal and moved forward. The rear wheels dumped and floor portion shortened with a small panel at the rear. Bachmann's smoke stack is wrong for this loco, it's too thin. A wider tube was added and the spark arrestor was refiller for a perfume bottle, it fitted exactly. I swapped the couplers for ones I already have (don't want to buy more). A touch of weathering will finish off the lighter paint job.

    The thing about Bachmann stuff is that they used to be toys and now quite a few are out of scale (ideal for 55n3, but I'm not doing that). I did buy a Bachmann Porter years ago and it was totally useless, didn't even run, I used it for scrap.
  3. A small, 10 ton Shay, two cylinders and the drive train will be a bit of a pain to construct, this is a big maybe.
Mar 06, 2021

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