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I need a bit more real estate

rees00.jpg  Part of having to travel with little weight means I...
Sep 03, 2020

Managing my images and stylesheets

mmi1.jpg  The lockdown was still on and a boredom monster was...
Aug 04, 2020

Another laptop

aaphp.jpg  Late last year I reckoned I'd better do a full...
Mar 20, 2020

Using a tablet on the road

uat.jpg  If you noticed, my using a tablet for blog posts...
Mar 12, 2019

Perl blog software

prl1.jpg  Today the term website has almost been replaced by the...
Jan 21, 2017

Google and my blog

gmy.jpg  The basic plans were made. I had bought my ticket,...
Nov 10, 2015

Good reason to avoid forums

fmz.jpg  I'm not the greatest of programmers, so on occasion I...
Feb 15, 2015

Normally I run a travel blog, but when I'm not on the road I do other stuff to keep from getting bored.
- Ted

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