Archive - Jul 2020
I still need something creative to do
I have to eat some humble pie here. Tossing everything out for the model railroad was a big mistake, only the Peco stuff needed trashing. Most of the original idea was an exercise in creative scenicking, but I got locked in on the track. So a rethink is needed.

Why I dumped the hobby
It was all supposed to be straight forward and should have been fully working well before now. The lockdown had begun in March and I needed something creative to do, so began a model railroad as a caricature, semi kinetic art project. Model railroads are never really finished. They evolve as new rolling stock, buildings and the like are added. I looked forward to it all: figured all the scenery would be down and the thing running within 2 months, max. That was over 4 months ago.

Along a path
Some walks are long, others short and this one fits in the latter category. The purpose was simple, to take some photo's using my old camera. While the new one does a good job, it is full of bloatware that I never use. The zoom is great for distant objects and it fits in my pocket okay. The old one only has 3X zoom, if I want it to be clear, is smaller and does not look like something worth stealing when in areas of risk. A while back, I thought a little trek with the pathways as the theme would do the trick.

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