Archive - Mar 2020
Another laptop
Late last year I reckoned I'd better do a full test of a Lenovo laptop that I had bought. The thing sat around for nearly a year without any major use. When it was brought into play, I went online using my ethernet cable. Doing a test with Wifi and it broke. Several things were tried, including a complete re-install of the software, but no, the Wifi was dead. That meant the thing was totally useless on the road and it got trashed. A laptop is much better than a tablet, so I looked around for a decent used one that had a good warranty.

Two lost goslings
A cold morning, last November, saw me taking a shortish walk in the usual place. My camera was in my pocket as normal, though there was little thought about taking any shots. About a mile had been covered as I wandered to the edge of the small lake where a viewing stand exists. The stand was in sight when I saw some unusual movement, accompanied by a goose honking quite loudly.

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